Could Solar Energy be the right fit for your home?

Northeast Iowa Mechanical is proud to offer solar panel solutions for our customers. With solar energy, you can reduce or completely eliminate your electricity bill and help the environment at the same time.

Our solar panel systems are designed to maximize efficiency and durability, so you can trust that you’ll be getting reliable solar energy for years to come. Plus, with solar energy you’ll be reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced from traditional electricity sources.

We offer solar panel installation and maintenance services to ensure that you have access to solar energy when you need it most. Our solar panel systems are equipped with advanced safety features to keep your home and family safe.

Did you know that homeowners are eligible for a 30% tax credit for Solar PV systems installed between 2022-2032?

Learn more about the Federal Tax Credits available for Solar Energy

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar

  • cut down on energy bills/cost efficient
  • increase property value
  • minimum to no cost of maintenance
  • positive impact on the economy
  • increased backup plan for power outages
  • the rising costs of electricity won’t affect you nearly as much as other Americans

Typically the payback period is between 10-12 years. The solar panels can last well beyond 25+ years.

Yes, talk with our office to learn more about your options for financing.

Check out some of our recent solar installations

NEIA Mechanical Solar Panels

Property of Dean & Maria R.

Tim & Kathy B. - Solar Panels

Property of Tim & Kathy B.

Solar Energy Panels installed on a home

Property of Jon W.

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