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  Geothermal Services 

Geothermal is the process of heating and cooling utilizing the earth itself as a source of energy. By going just a few feet under the ground, we can tap into a consistent 55 degree thermal zone in the earth. By circulating water via tubing (known as a loop), we can tap into that constant and manageable temperature. And, control it using a heat pump to heat and cool your home or business.

Geothermal installations have proven to cut your utility costs by 50%-70% due to their efficiency over conventional units. There is an additional upfront investment for installation. But, even with the added installation costs, customers often see a return on investment in as little as five years.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling is a proven and dependable technology if installed by trained and qualified experts who can size, configure and integrate your system correctly. Our expertise in knowing what type of loop to use and how to install it is essential for success and a lifetime of dependable heating and cooling.

We install Waterfurnace Geothermal systems.

Our Geothermal Services Include:

- Residential/Commercial Ground Source Heat Pumps
- Open Loop/Closed Loop Systems
- Hot Water Heating
- Pool Heating
- Radiant In-floor Heating

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